Our Story

Southen Divine Kennels Owners

The Cothran Family

Thank you for taking the time to read through our breeding website. We started "Southern Divine Kennels" in 2015. We wanted to become a breeder of choice in North Carolina. We strive to provide families with the best family companion possible. We are a home raised breeder. We take pride in the breeding process and strive to provide the best puppies. Our focus is to create healthy, confident, easy to train companions with little to no shedding, compared to the average dog. To accomplish this, we start with the best parents who have great temperaments and are well socialized.

Priority Waiting List

Want to be on our priority waiting list that allows you to pick your puppy first before the litter is listed for sale. We take a $100 deposit and allow you to pick your puppy in the order on the list.

Grooming Service

Grooming Service in a requirement of owning a pet. You want to keep your pet in good health and looking its best. We offer full grooming services at our grooming salon.

Pet Sitting

Going on vacation? Well we can help! We provide one on one care for your pet while your away. We do not believe leaving your pet locked away so the pets stays in our home where we can show your pet some love while your away!

Pet Care Referral

From veterinary car, training, and other pet services. We link you to some great service providers right at your finger tips.