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Full Groom

Service consists of a full haircut from nose to tail, usually using scissors and clippers. Haircuts start with a full bath, brush out, and blow dry. Nail trim, Paw pad trim, ear cleaning, and sanitary trim included.

Price Range $60 - $175

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Service consists of a bath service along with a Feet, Face, and Sanitary trim.

Price Range $40 - $110

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Basic Bath

Service consists of a basic bath with a hypo allergenic shampoo nail trimming, ear cleaning, drying, and brushing. This is an essential service that maintains the appearance and hygiene of your pet. This service is included with a Mini & Full-service groom.

Price Range $30 - $100

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Brush Out

Service consists of groomer led brushing and combing of a pet's coat. This assist in the prevention of mats.

Price Range $15 - $24

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6 Months +

Service consists of an introduction to bathing, grooming ear cleaning, trim around the face feet and fanny and a light trim all over if needed so puppies can get familiar with all aspects of grooming trimming of nails

Price Range $40 - $99

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Service is for those that don't need a bath but need to be neatened up. Feet, Face, and Sanitary Trim.

Price Range $28 - $77

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Paws & Claws

Our fur footed pawdicure consist of nail clipping, nail grinding, paw pad trimming, and ear cleaning.

Price $20.00

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Service consists of a hair blowout before and after a bath with a premium de-shedding shampoo and conditioner. After your fur baby is dry, we brush out the undercoat, trim paw pads, trim nails, trim sanitary, and clean the ears.

Price Range $30+


Nail Buff/Grind - $12

Teethbrushing - $8

Anal Glad Expression (External) - $5

Ear Plucking - $10

Nail Painting - $10

Bow - $5 Mini Bow $2.50

Bandanna - $7.50

Seasonal Facial - $5

Spot Shaving Mat - Prices Start at $10+ depending on severity

Flea Shampoo - $10

Whitening Shampoo - $10

Oatmeal Shampoo - $10

Dematting - Prices Start at $20+ depending on severity

De-Skunking Shampoo $10

Specialty Cuts - Starting at $20+. Prices varies based on desires and will be agree'd upon by Customer and Groomer.

Paw Scrub - $5

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